NACRA 17 well received within OLYMPIC CLASSES

The Nacra 17 fleet raced in the afternoon with a medium breeze and small waves, it was a perfect day with great conditions and after six races countries with a strong multihull culture such as the Netherlands and France are on top.

Nacra 17 “Boat of the year 2013”


For the ‘HISWA Boat of the Year 2013’ the J70, the Nacra 17 and the Hallberg-Rassy 412 were nominated in the race for this coveted title.


About the ISAF Sailing World Cup

Sailors accrue points at each of the seven ISAF Sailing World Cup events to earn an overall Series Score. First place translates into 20 points, second place earns 19 points and so on. (Twentieth place earns one point.) The skipper/crew with the highest Series Score at the end of the season wins the ISAF Sailing World Cup Trophy.

Nacra takes podium in ISRAEL

Over 20 catamarans took part in the Israel Open Catamaran championship, October 12-13 2012, held in Sdot Yam, Israel. The weather was perfect; it seems at times that someone just coordinated the wind to support the competition.A total of 6 races over two days with 3 races per day in a Trapezoid Course with a gate for downwind mark forced us to work hard and plan each race.The first day started with light winds of about 8 knots that built to 12 Knots for the final race for the day. The second day was another story starting at 12-14 knots reaching 18-22 knots for the final race and a nice/challenging swell.The results:F18 1) Ofer Jacob & Eshel Nir – Nacra Infusion F18 2) Asaf Leshem & Odi Goldan – Wildcat 3) Giyora Snipper & Yov Levi – Nacra Infusion F18 20 Feet: 1) Almog Amir & Offer Reshef – Nacra F20 Carbon 2) Eitan Friedlander & Yoav Bachar – Nacra 20 One design3) Lior Lavi & Sahaf Amir – – Nacra 20 One design

Team Boskalis/Nacra wins 2012 Tanzacat

Winning Tanzacat 2012 was not just a victory of another regatta, Team Boskalis riders Gunnar Larsen and Frank de Waard called it ‘a lifetime experience’. Both sailors from the Netherlands were very much impressed by the beauty of Tanzania and the incredible sailing environment. Larsen and De Waard wrote the following report on an amazing African multihull event that finished last weekend.

Sailing a catamaran event in Africa, racing with high tech Nacra catamarans between 1000 years old ‘Dows’ (boats used by natives sailors locally). That should be cool and it was. The Nacra distributor of South Africa had supplied us a boat, as ours was still on its way back from the F18 Worlds in Long Beach, America. With some ‘wheeling and dealing’ they managed to get us an Infusion just in time before the regatta started.

Nacra wins Hungarian multihull nationals 2012

From our reporter in Hungary!

Last week held Hungarian Nationals at lake Balaton in 2 casses.

In F18 registered 17 boats included Maria and Alexander from Bulgary.

In M3 open class we had 6 boats.

Wednesday and Thursday we had 1-1 races where wind has been increased during days over 30-35 knots. Closly all boats capsized or had some technical problems.

Friday and Sunday we had 4-4 races in 5-12 knots wid but Sunday organizers could not make any race dou to no wind.

All races won by Nacra teams!!!

Nacra wins ITALIAN F18 Nationals

Congratulations to Coen & Thijs sailing on a borrowed boat ( thanks Xander) these Italian nationals. With an enormous dominance in results after 10 races more than happy to take the ITALIAN F18 Title 2012.


Intense day at the Italian F18 Nationals, with De Koning-Visser dominating the fleet and guaranteeing theirselves the final victory with two races in advance (1-1-3-1 today). Behind them tough fight for the second place and Italian title. In 15 kt wind and waves mixed team Sorrentino-Pennati is still in the top positions (2-5-4-6) but Bissaro-De Paoli have caught up. Unfortunately they lost a protest in the second race (4-DSQ-1-3).

After ten races and two to go Sorrentino-Pennati are second with 34 points, dutch duo Delnooz-Gering third at the same point and Bissaro-De Paoli fourth with 36.