FeaturedNACRA INFUSION winning streak across EUROPE!

F18 Americas Championship 2013 - Sarasota, FL

4 big events in the pocket with an end result of being winner by various teams sailed around the globe. Besides being the current WORLD CHAMPION F18 in a row for three years, the Nacra Infusion keeps collecting prices with its crew being on top. If you had doubts on which F18 to purchase, please let us share the following results over the last week with you to help make up your minds:-) The Infusion celebrates its 10 years anniversary in 2016!!! And still on top!







Nacra F18 Infusion wins FRENCH NATIONALS 2016

Pornic France, NACRA F18 INFUSION keeps on winning major regatta’s. Last three World championships 1st overall, Many national F18 championships. What a rocket ship but let’s not forget about the crews racing.

Big congratulations in place for Antoine and Johann!! #greatwork guys!! Keep it coming, stay hungry!


NACRA 15 – Three versions, One platform

An update on the various options concerning our latest jewel the Nacra 15.

The approach to this concept is THREE VERSIONS in one platform. Customers can upgrade or downgrade the NACRA 15 as a platform from:

  • BASIC Nacra 15 to World Sailing Nacra 15
  • World Sailing Nacra 15 to Flying Nacra 15

Or back from Flying to Basic. It is all possible by changing the cassettes that hold the dagger boards. We are offering three solutions in one boat. That’s it. Our dealers will help you on pricing once available on upgrade kits or down grade kits. Just ask us.

The main focus for 2016 is the roll out of the World Sailing Nacra 15.

That is the chosen multihull for the (ISAF) WORLD SAILING YOUTH WORLDS 2016 where we will supply Nacra 15’s for the countries competing there. It was supposed to be held in Oman but Oman has withdrawn themselves from the event. So, as we speak, World Sailing is finding and securing a new venue for end of this year for these youth worlds. While we continue to deliver over the year more and more Nacra 15’s so teams can train and qualify.









Basic NACRA 15 (concept)

  • Straight dagger boards made of aluminum
  • Straight rudder blades, no fins/stabilizers
  • Original trusted Nacra rudder system
  • Same mainsail, jib, spinnaker
  • Can adopt all options
  • Can be changed to : WORLD SAILING Nacra 15 & Flying Nacra 15
  • Expected launch end of 2016











World Sailing NACRA 15 (point of focus today)

  • Curved dagger boards
  • Straight rudder blades with stabilizers/fins
  • Original trusted Nacra rudder system
  • Same mainsail, jib, spinnaker
  • Can adopt all options
  • Can be changed to : Basic Nacra 15 & Flying Nacra 15
  • Sales & Supply in progress
  • Will sail 2016 Youth Worlds every year from now on
  • By far most focus on this product as we speak









Flying NACRA 15 (concept)

  • Flying dagger boards
  • L-Shaped rudders
  • Original trusted Nacra rudder system
  • Same mainsail, jib, spinnaker
  • Can still adopt all options
  • Can be changed to : Basic Nacra 15 or World Sailing Nacra 15
  • Expected launch beginning 2017
  • Will sail during Youth Olympic Games 2018 as the only sailboat

For more information you can always contact us of course. If we have new information to share we will. Please bear in mind that we are approaching the busiest time of the year. We might have littler time than normal but we always, always want to help you guys. The more information we can share with you, the better is our philosophy.

France wins Nacra 17 World title 4th time in row

14 February 2016_DSC4048_©LaurensMorel

Clearwater, FL. Final day for the Nacra 17 World Championships. The final medal race was sailed right off Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach, a pretty cool vantage point for the viewers on shore. Even though the winners were announced yesterday, the day was still filled with competitive vigor amongst the sailors who look to take the remaining podium spots.





SAILINGWORLD boat of the year 2016: Nacra 15


The Nacra 15 is the result of the International Sailing Federation’s mandate for a new multihull to be used at its youth championships and Youth Olympics in 2016 and beyond. For Nacra Sailing, bagging the bid was more than an opportunity to sell more boats; it was a shot at giving youth sailing a shot in the arm.

The 15 is a steppingstone to the Olympic Nacra 17, but Nacra’s Gunnar Larsen believes the boat serves a greater purpose. As he puts it, it’s better for the sport to have kids sailing in “more spectacular boats” than they are currently.


NACRA championships como 2016


























SAVE THE DATE!!! More information, NOR ( Notic of RACE) will follow soon!

Will be a great event with all possible NACRA’s .

  • NACRA CHAMPIONSHIP for all NACRA classes


For more information please go to www.nacraracing.com




November 2015

Sanya, China

ISAF council just decided that NACRA 15 will be the new and only official youth multihull used in ISAF championships & IOC Youth Olympic games. Two years ago, the worldwide governing body of sailing (ISAF) initiated ­the process to replace the previous youth multihull to a modern multihull that fits better in the pathway towards the Olympic NACRA 17. The Nacra 15 can be considered a mini version of the Olympic Nacra 17 and proven in tests to be the boat for youth teams to compete in.

Bold move

Nacra Sailing international made a bolt move by designing a new multihull from scratch to the supplied criteria by ISAF. These criteria were drawn up by a technical working party consisting of specialists from ISAF. “Yes we took a risk by starting from scratch and to come up with a brand new design. But we are convinced that if we want to win the hearts of the youth, we started by taking youth seriously and came up with our solution. Our solution is the NACRA 15 with curved (lifting) dagger boards in combination with stabilizers on the rudders” according to Peter Vink, Technical Director and in charge of the design team at Nacra Sailing & Performance Sails. “ It proved to be the right solution once more, after study we realized that the perfect multihull for youth sailing did not existed yet. We hope future generations will love it as much as we do.

Challenging tender process

“A tough nut to crack for Nacra Sailing, we entered this tender with a modern multihull design with three sails, Mainsail, jib sail and asymmetric gennaker. As multihull manufacturer we have to deliver two hulls, two rudders and two curved dagger boards compared to monohull manufacturers. A big challenge to keep the price as low as we will ” according to Commercial Director Gunnar Larsen“ But we succeeded and hope to welcome many new young sailors in the Nacra 15 class which can use this as “steppingstone” towards the Nacra 17 class after the year they have become 19 years of age. 

Multihull is back to stay

The multihull world now has proper representation at the highest level of sailing at both fronts. In the Olympic class with the Nacra 17 and the ISAF Youth worlds. Nacra Sailing & Performance sails will do it its utmost to promote multihull sailing in the world and to convince as many young sailors, how tactics and strategy can be combined in high performance classes and having fun while going really fast. ISAF & Nacra are depending on the youth and parents of this world to show up in big numbers at regattas to challenges themselves.

2016 ISAF YOUTH WORLDS Oman, Oman Nacra 15 Curved daggerboards open
2017 ISAF YOUTH WORLDS Akko, Israel Nacra 15 Curved daggerboards open
2018 Youth Olympic Games Buenos aires, Argentina Nacra 15 Foiling mixed
2018 ISAF YOUTH WORLDS Corpus Christi Nacra 15 To be confirmed mixed

NACRA 15 basicYou have seen in the above list that the NACRA 15 will be foiling at the YOUTH OLYMPICS 2018 in Argentina. All boats will be produced so they can adopt the Nacra 15 FCS kit retrospectively. We initially set out to offer the sailing world two versions of the NACRA 15:

    • Standard current Nacra rudders
    • Aluminium dagger boards with own fitting bearings
  • NACRA 15 (ISAF YOUTH WORLDS supplied version)
    • Standard Nacra rudders fitted out with stabilizers
    • Curved dagger boards with own fitting bearings

Later we will offer the FCS kit for the NACRA 15. As earlier written. This kit can easily be implemented on all NACRA 15’s by then. The first focus will be at the BASIC version and the ISAF youth worlds supplied version.


For photos requests of the Nacra 15,

Please contact: laurens@morelstudio.nl

For video look at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOoUIhdalKg

For more information please visit the website of ISAF www.sailing.org or the website of www.nacrasailing.com

/// The end

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