World Sailing Confirms Roll Out Of Foiling Nacra 17

Today (28 April 2017) the World Sailing has confirmed its support for the existing roll out plan to release the first batch of 45 Foiling Nacra 17’s on June 26. The European Championship, as previously stated in the released NoR will be a foiling event, and the World Championship in La Grande Motte, France, will also be raced in foiling Nacra 17’s. In addition, World Sailing with their partners in Aarhus, would like to announce that the Aarhus test event will also be conducted in Foiling Nacra 17’s.

Nacra17class members majority vote recommend full foiling


On the 19th of October the Nacra 17 class members assembled for an electronic Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). Three topics debated were
a) an update to the class constitution
b) advertising
c) whether or not class members recommend full foiling for 2020 or not

A presentation covering the proposed changes to equipment, pricing, and procedure was shown to 50 members in attendance over the course of 2 hours. Details of how the boats would be made stronger and more consistent were included. Also shown was three pricing options for a mk 2 Nacra 17 was presented which can be downloaded here:

The three options for equipment going forward are:
a) retrofit a mk1 boat to go full foiling for 7,900 euros
b) Buying a new platform for 14,500 euros, retaining the ability to sell the mk1 platform for a next cost of about 7500 euros
c) Buying a new boat for 24,250 euros, an increase of about 2000 euros from the mk1 price

Following the presentation was a discussion with questions and answers from class members and leadership. At the close the meeting, voting was opened to class members. 89 members voted from the total membership of 132, above the 40% threshold required to form a quorum. All of the motions passed, with the advertising and constitution motions receiving 87% support or higher. the major question of whether to recommend to World Sailing whether Nacra 17 should go fully foiling for the 2020 Olympic or not was a closer vote, but ultimately passed 48 votes to 33, for a 59% support level.


As such, the Nacra 17 class has sent a letter to the head of the Equipment Committee of World Sailing with the class recommendation.  Class president, Marcus Spillane, will convey this position at the World Sailing Conference next month in Barcelona. Equipment of the updated configuration will become available following confirmation from World Sailing Conference of their position on the matter. Team wishing to get onto the waiting list for mk2 equipment should be in contact with the Nacra Sailing head office.

FeaturedNACRA INFUSION winning streak across EUROPE!

F18 Americas Championship 2013 - Sarasota, FL

4 big events in the pocket with an end result of being winner by various teams sailed around the globe. Besides being the current WORLD CHAMPION F18 in a row for three years, the Nacra Infusion keeps collecting prices with its crew being on top. If you had doubts on which F18 to purchase, please let us share the following results over the last week with you to help make up your minds:-) The Infusion celebrates its 10 years anniversary in 2016!!! And still on top!







Nacra F18 Infusion wins FRENCH NATIONALS 2016

Pornic France, NACRA F18 INFUSION keeps on winning major regatta’s. Last three World championships 1st overall, Many national F18 championships. What a rocket ship but let’s not forget about the crews racing.

Big congratulations in place for Antoine and Johann!! #greatwork guys!! Keep it coming, stay hungry!


NACRA 15 – Three versions, One platform

An update on the various options concerning our latest jewel the Nacra 15.

The approach to this concept is THREE VERSIONS in one platform. Customers can upgrade or downgrade the NACRA 15 as a platform from:

  • BASIC Nacra 15 to World Sailing Nacra 15
  • World Sailing Nacra 15 to Flying Nacra 15

Or back from Flying to Basic. It is all possible by changing the cassettes that hold the dagger boards. We are offering three solutions in one boat. That’s it. Our dealers will help you on pricing once available on upgrade kits or down grade kits. Just ask us.

The main focus for 2016 is the roll out of the World Sailing Nacra 15.

That is the chosen multihull for the (ISAF) WORLD SAILING YOUTH WORLDS 2016 where we will supply Nacra 15’s for the countries competing there. It was supposed to be held in Oman but Oman has withdrawn themselves from the event. So, as we speak, World Sailing is finding and securing a new venue for end of this year for these youth worlds. While we continue to deliver over the year more and more Nacra 15’s so teams can train and qualify.









Basic NACRA 15 (concept)

  • Straight dagger boards made of aluminum
  • Straight rudder blades, no fins/stabilizers
  • Original trusted Nacra rudder system
  • Same mainsail, jib, spinnaker
  • Can adopt all options
  • Can be changed to : WORLD SAILING Nacra 15 & Flying Nacra 15
  • Expected launch end of 2016











World Sailing NACRA 15 (point of focus today)

  • Curved dagger boards
  • Straight rudder blades with stabilizers/fins
  • Original trusted Nacra rudder system
  • Same mainsail, jib, spinnaker
  • Can adopt all options
  • Can be changed to : Basic Nacra 15 & Flying Nacra 15
  • Sales & Supply in progress
  • Will sail 2016 Youth Worlds every year from now on
  • By far most focus on this product as we speak









Flying NACRA 15 (concept)

  • Flying dagger boards
  • L-Shaped rudders
  • Original trusted Nacra rudder system
  • Same mainsail, jib, spinnaker
  • Can still adopt all options
  • Can be changed to : Basic Nacra 15 or World Sailing Nacra 15
  • Expected launch beginning 2017
  • Will sail during Youth Olympic Games 2018 as the only sailboat

For more information you can always contact us of course. If we have new information to share we will. Please bear in mind that we are approaching the busiest time of the year. We might have littler time than normal but we always, always want to help you guys. The more information we can share with you, the better is our philosophy.

France wins Nacra 17 World title 4th time in row

14 February 2016_DSC4048_©LaurensMorel

Clearwater, FL. Final day for the Nacra 17 World Championships. The final medal race was sailed right off Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach, a pretty cool vantage point for the viewers on shore. Even though the winners were announced yesterday, the day was still filled with competitive vigor amongst the sailors who look to take the remaining podium spots.