FeaturedHenri Demesmaeker and Frederique van Eupen (BEL) winners Nacra 15 Worlds 2018

Congratulations to Henri Demesmaeker and Frederique van Eupen and their coach Sebbe Godefroid for winning the 2018 Nacra 15 World Championship in Barcelona…!

Over the last week in Barcelona, 60 eager Nacra 15 youth teams representing 18 Nations and four continents sailed their inaugural Nacra 15 World Championship. Competitors from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Italy, US Virgin Islands, Holland, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States.

Catalonian weather conditions although beautiful, were difficult with Monday and Tuesday leaving the fleet ashore without a breath. After a long wait afloat on Wednesday, when it did fill for three races it was shifty and puffy suiting the tactical and lighter teams. 19 races were scheduled for the championship and the race committee did well to run a total of 10. Thursday saw maximum effort to get the race count in with a scheduled 8.15am start seeing the fleet prepare at dawn. Unfortunately after two attempts to get the fleet away the light northerly gave out slowly swinging to the east and after a very long wait, finally giving the fleet a further 3 races again in light wind conditions.

Saving the best until last, on the final day Barcelona delivered. Friday was excellent conditions with the building breeze testing the sailors and giving the older more powerful sailors the opportunity to push on, twin trapezing and really getting the best from the exciting Nacra 15. The breeze built in the first three races and dropping again for the fourth of the day. Although a predominantly light regatta, there was something for everyone giving a balanced, hard earned result.

Winners Nacra 15 World Championships 2018:

  1. Henri Demesmaeker & Fredrique van Eupen (BEL)
  2. Doran Gouran Le Rich & Kenza Coutard (FRA)
  3. Thomas Proust & Martineau Clement (FRA)

The best team under 16 was the French team Thomas Proust (11 year) & Martineau Clement (14 year). After the first 2 days they were leading the fleet, but could not consolidate this during the final racing day with more wind. We expect a lot of this team in the future!

For full results : http://nacra.vela.cat/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/FINAL-RESULTS.pdf

This championship was also important for the qualification of 7 further countries to participate in October 2018 during the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina. The goal, to be one of the fourteen Nacra 15 teams representing their respective countries who will participate during these Youth Olympic Games. The teams must be mixed teams in the age born between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2003. The qualification system to participate the Youth Olympics is based on four qualification events:  In October 2017 in Medemblik the countries Switzerland and Tunisia have qualified; in November in America the countries USA and Uruguay and in January in Australia the countries Australia and Singapore. Host Nation, Argentina has a wildcard to participate the Youth Olympics. After the Nacra 15 Worlds in Barcelona 7 more countries have qualified : Belgium, France, Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Germany to complete the 14 allowed countries/teams.

The Nacra 15 class, originating in 2016 has grown quickly, now approaching seeing 200 boats distributed Worldwide. The Nacra 15 is the smaller non-foiling version of the Olympic Nacra 17. Nacra 15, complementing the C foil fleet with a fully foiling option potentially available over 2019. The Nacra 15 is the perfect to have maximum fun whilst being a pathway for the youth to Olympic Sailing.

It’s so enthusing to see such a wide range of young sailors and athletes embracing Nacra 15, racing hard whilst making friends across the globe.  For young sailors the Nacra 15 is really very exciting to sail. Sailors are predominantly coming from Optimist, Topper, 29’er or 420 and are sailing the Nacra 15 now for only 6 – 12 months. For some it’s been a big transition but teams have learned very fast which has given such competitive, tight racing right across the fleet with multiple boats finishing just meters from each other. Total high performance sailing at an impressive level, that’s Nacra 15.

The Nacra 15 Worlds has taken place at Barcelona International Sailing Center and is organized by Federació Catalana de Vela, Real Nautical Club, Reial Club Maritim Barcelona and the International Nacra 15 Class Association. The event is sponsored by the Government of Barcelona, Forward WIP, Island Tribe sun protection, Code Zero, Harken, PEGA trailers and Nacra Sailing.

For more information and/or high resolution images please contact Edwin Lodder, Nacra 15 Class Manager, edwin@nacraracing.com , mobile +31651134452.

If you do not want to receive press releases in the future, please sent a mail to edwin@nacraracing.com

Photo credits : Laurens Morel – saltycolours.com

NACRA 15 – Three versions, One platform

An update on the various options concerning our latest jewel the Nacra 15.

The approach to this concept is THREE VERSIONS in one platform. Customers can upgrade or downgrade the NACRA 15 as a platform from:

  • BASIC Nacra 15 to World Sailing Nacra 15
  • World Sailing Nacra 15 to Flying Nacra 15

Or back from Flying to Basic. It is all possible by changing the cassettes that hold the dagger boards. We are offering three solutions in one boat. That’s it. Our dealers will help you on pricing once available on upgrade kits or down grade kits. Just ask us.

The main focus for 2016 is the roll out of the World Sailing Nacra 15.

That is the chosen multihull for the (ISAF) WORLD SAILING YOUTH WORLDS 2016 where we will supply Nacra 15’s for the countries competing there. It was supposed to be held in Oman but Oman has withdrawn themselves from the event. So, as we speak, World Sailing is finding and securing a new venue for end of this year for these youth worlds. While we continue to deliver over the year more and more Nacra 15’s so teams can train and qualify.









Basic NACRA 15 (concept)

  • Straight dagger boards made of aluminum
  • Straight rudder blades, no fins/stabilizers
  • Original trusted Nacra rudder system
  • Same mainsail, jib, spinnaker
  • Can adopt all options
  • Can be changed to : WORLD SAILING Nacra 15 & Flying Nacra 15
  • Expected launch end of 2016











World Sailing NACRA 15 (point of focus today)

  • Curved dagger boards
  • Straight rudder blades with stabilizers/fins
  • Original trusted Nacra rudder system
  • Same mainsail, jib, spinnaker
  • Can adopt all options
  • Can be changed to : Basic Nacra 15 & Flying Nacra 15
  • Sales & Supply in progress
  • Will sail 2016 Youth Worlds every year from now on
  • By far most focus on this product as we speak









Flying NACRA 15 (concept)

  • Flying dagger boards
  • L-Shaped rudders
  • Original trusted Nacra rudder system
  • Same mainsail, jib, spinnaker
  • Can still adopt all options
  • Can be changed to : Basic Nacra 15 or World Sailing Nacra 15
  • Expected launch beginning 2017
  • Will sail during Youth Olympic Games 2018 as the only sailboat

For more information you can always contact us of course. If we have new information to share we will. Please bear in mind that we are approaching the busiest time of the year. We might have littler time than normal but we always, always want to help you guys. The more information we can share with you, the better is our philosophy.

FeaturedNACRA youth clinic video

Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. In conjunction with Westeinder sailingclub Nacra organized a youth multihull sailing clinic so monohull kids could try and taste multihull sailing. Unbelievable positive responses from the kids itself, parents and trainers. These clinics will be repeated as it is such a big succes. The Nacra 15, 16, 18 and F20 FCS were present. Have a look at this video and judge for yourself how this day went.

NACRA 15! Maybe the next ISAF youth multihull!

Den Haag (The Netherlands).Today, we release pictures of the Nacra 15 sailed by two teams in The Netherlands. Another step towards the ISAF meeting beginning November to get the Nacra 15 elected as the new