Nacra SKEG catamarans

Nacra 460

Like other Nacra catamarans, the design team have given sailors simplicity, quality and performance in one small catamaran...

Nacra 500

The ideal family craft for those who want simplicity and performance , the large buoyant hulls enables you to drive her across the waves...

Nacra 570

The 570 is the largest skeg hulled catamaran made today, built with polyester sandwich foam giving the hulls real stiffness and strength...

Nacra DAGGERBOARD catamarans

Nacra F16 Carbon

The steppingstone towards serious cat racing...

Nacra 15 ONE

The pathway for single-handed youth sailing....

Nacra 15

The pathway for youth sailing...

Nacra F16 Carbon ONE

Single-handed cat racing just got cooler......

Nacra F18 Evolution

After 45 years of Nacra evolution now there is the F18 Evolution...

Nacra F20 Carbon

The ultimate “flying” racing catamaran...

Nacra FOILING catamarans

Nacra 17

The foiling Olympic mixed multihull...

Nacra F18 FCS

Just put your F18 together and go...

Nacra F20 Carbon FCS

The ultimate “flying” racing catamaran...

Nacra 15 FCS

The pathway for youth sailing...

Nacra 15 FCS ONE

The pathway for youth sailing...

Nacra Winter Series

We are very excited to announce the Nacra Winter Series: a five-month training club for all classes of Nacra at the Provela Foiling Centre in Spain! Nacra sailors have the opportunity to sail all winter long, including coaching (supplied free by Nacra), events and...

Covid 19 – latest information

We would like to inform you about the current status regarding the ongoing corona situation. Production is up and running We continue our production as much as possible as we are used to. Of course we are dependent on the external supply chain. At this point we expect...

First photos of the Nacra F18 Infusion FCS in action!

Click the images below to see the Nacra F18 Infusion FCS in action. Dealers Interested? To find out more, please click to find your dealer worldwide. Find dealers > Webshop Order your spare parts easily through our online shop, from out your home or on...

The most all-round F18 is going to fly!

Here she is, the Nacra F18 Infusion FCS! Proudly presented by Nacra Sailing, manufacturer since 2009 of foiling and semi-foiling boats, such as the Nacra F20 Carbon, Nacra F20 FCS, Nacra 15 and the full foiling Olympic multihull Nacra 17.

The evolution of Nacra 15

In 2015, the Nacra 15 was designed from scratch primarily to the World Sailing criteria to become the official Youth Multihull. The fast growing Nacra 15 Class in its C-foil (curved dagger boards) configuration has become an on-going and integral fleet of the Youth Sailing World Championships and uniquely the Youth Olympic Games. The Nacra 15, offering high performance, super competitive racing with speeds up to 20 knots and beyond. A performer in its own right, the Nacra 15 is also a smaller version of the original Olympic Nacra 17 Mixed Multihull, creating a true Olympic pathway.

Demesmaeker and Van Eupen (BEL) winners Nacra 15 Worlds 2018

Congratulations to Henri Demesmaeker and Frederique van Eupen and their coach Sebbe Godefroid for winning the 2018 Nacra 15 World Championship in Barcelona…!

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The ultimate allrounder, Nacra F18 FCS (Flight Controle System)

Are you doubting whether to go foiling or stay floating?

Solution: Nacra F18 FCS can do both! the boat is 100% convertible so you can do both and won't have to choose.

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About Nacra Sailing
Since 1975 Nacra has always been about empowering sailors. Getting the best out of yourself and your team with Nacra supplying the equipment. Reaching new heights and pushing your boundaries. That’s Nacra Sailing! Nacra & Performance Sails are based in The Netherlands. Our Dutch company took over the original Nacra factory (Santa Ana, California) in 2007 with all its rights concerning the brand Nacra. Nacra has been originally founded in 1975 and draws its knowledge therefore from a long history of building and supplying catamarans to the world of sailing.

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